Long Spigot

Long spigot fittings for pressurised gas and water supply

Long Spigot Fittings

Long Spigot Fittings are suitable for electrofusion and on-site butt-fusion without any additional pupping needed (provided that machines with narrow clamps are used).

Long Spigot fittings are available in SDR11 and SDR17/17.6, in sizes from 315mm to 630mm (dependent on fitting) and come in a wide range of shapes:

  • Reducers
  • Elbows
  • Equal Tees
  • Stub Flanges
  • Stub Flange Adaptor Kits
  • Reduced Branch Tees
  • Flanged Branch Tees
  • All Flanged Equal Tees
  • End Caps
  • 90°, 45°, 22½° and 11¼° Formed Bends
  • Stub Flange Assembly

Excellent Performance

  • No joints to fail in critical areas
  • No internal beads or corners to cause wear or solids build-up within the bend
  • Flow losses significantly reduced, due to the totally smooth bore and gradual change of direction

 Multiple Configurations

  • Can be formed to any angle.     
  • Bends can be formed to different radii
  • Compatible with GPS pipe and electrofusion couplers
  • Suitable for use with both electrofusion and butt-fusion installation techniques

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