Pupped Fittings

Extended spigot fittings for pressurised gas supply, water supply and industrial applications

Ease of pipe system installation by electrofusion and butt-fusion can be greatly assisted on-site with the use of pupped fittings. We make a wide range of Pupped Fittings featuring extended spigots in various sizes made from either Excel (PE100) Black/Blue or PE80 Yellow. Our standard pupped fittings have a 0.5m length pup for sizes up to 400mm and a 1.0m length pup for sizes of 450mm and above.

We can also offer bespoke fabrications tailored to client’s individual need. By utilising the latest butt welding equipment and processes, we can produce fabrications in a variety of shapes and sizes from 90mm to 1200mm, in a range of pressure ratings up to 16bar (higher rated fittings may be available to order).

Our extensive range of fittings configurations includes:

  • Reducers
  • 90° and 45° Elbows
  • Equal Tees
  • Large Diameter Equal Tees
  • Reduced Branch Tees
  • Stub Flange Assemblies
  • Flanged Short Branch Tees
  • SlimFlange Assemblies
  • End Caps
  • 90°, 45°, 22½°, 11¼° Mitred Elbows

Your Benefit

  • Flexibility to construct a pipeline to individual project needs
  • No mechanical joints
  • Fully homogeneous pipeline
  • Also suitable for electrofusion and butt-fusion

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