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Cost Effective Bore Corrosion Prevention

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Corrosion resistant polymer liners have been successfully used by the oil and gas industries for many years. The reason of this success lies with their ability to extend life and increase operating productivity of a pipeline, whilst being a cost-saving alternative to corrosion allowance or corrosion resistant alloys (CRA).

Solutions for

  • Water injection and disposal lines
  • Sour and wet gas lines
  • Hydrocarbon liquids lines
  • Fire water mains
  • Ballast Lines

What We Offer

A range of PA and PE precision liners for the transmission of aggressive fluids and gases providing pipe bore corrosion prevention solutions for applications up to 75°C and 100bar. We also manufacture polymer pipes for onshore applications, e.g. firewater ring mains, fully recognising the criticality of the end application.

Your Benefits

Proven Bore Corrosion Prevention

Transportation of corrosive fluids can wreak havoc to carbon steel pipelines, causing leaks, premature pipeline failure, environmental damage, and lost production.  With average internal corrosion rates of up to 1.7mm per annum, the expected lifespan of a steel water injection pipeline is just 7 years.

Thanks to HDPE’s excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, plastic liners have been successfully used to prevent corrosion on steel pipelines for many years. 

Pulled into a new or existing pipeline by a swaging installation process the polymer liner is thick, continuous, and installed tightly against the inner wall of the host pipe. The tight-fitting liner acts as a continuous barrier between the bare steel and the corrosive fluid, protecting steel pipelines from a variety of chemicals in a broad temperature and pressure range. This approach is not only efficient and cost-effective, but can also extend the life of a pipeline far beyond its expected life.

Cost Benefit

Corrosion resistant metals are very expensive, but using a thinner carbon steel pipe with a corrosion resistant PE lining can offer significant cost savings. Indeed, removing the need for corrosion allowance and reducing the thickness of the steel host pipe can help reduce capital costs by as much as 20-40%.

What’s more, carbon steel pipelines often require expensive maintenance, including inspections and application of corrosion inhibitors and chemical injection alternatives, which raises operating costs. Conversely, plastic liners reduce operational and inspection costs because maintenance is not required, making the GPS system a “fit and forget” solution.

Flow Benefits

Our HDPE liners offer smooth bore, improving flow characteristics helping provide increased operating efficiencies. This provides for being able to offer ideal hydraulic properties for the entire lifespan of the pipeline.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Use of our HDPE liners and pipes means that there is no unnecessary or excessive chemical dosing reducing environmental damage.

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