quality testing

Our commitment to quality across everything we do has helped us to gain international recognition and respect. 

Our company has long been associated with the most safety conscious gas, potable water and offshore industries. These industries and the regulations which surround them, demand the highest standards in finished products.

To meet these demands, we have developed an industry-leading, ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System to ensure that not only our products comply with relevant national, European and international product standards, but also that they always exceed mandatory safety requirements. 

The system is independently audited to ensure peace of mind for our customers. It imposes stringent standards of control throughout design, development and subsequent raw material selection, production and inspection processes. Read more about our control and testing procedures.

Enhanced Material Requirements of the PE100+ Association

Our Excel (PE100) pipes  are only manufactured in premium PE100 pipe grades, listed on the PE100+ Quality Materials List. These grades are exceptionally resistant to rapid crack propagation and long-term stress cracking, meeting the enhanced material requirements of PE100+ Association which monitors the most critical properties of PE100 pipes at the levels higher than those founded in CEN/ISO.

Standards Compliance

We have been pioneers in our sector for 100 years and our second-to-none approval status proves our experience and quality commitment provide a winning combination.

Our products meet all the relevant UK and Continental industry specifications for both gas and water industries alike.

View the Standards & Certification page to check compliance to a particular specification.

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