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Protecting Water Quality

Our Infrastructure Segment Manager, James Roper, discusses the complexities around installing barrier pipe within contaminated land

electrofusion fitting

Getting to Grips with Electrofusion Jointing

Our technical support engineer, Bob Warren, discusses some of the frequently asked questions we receive about electrofusion jointing.

pipe delivery

A Collaborative Approach to Innovation

We discuss how water companies can collaborate with the entire supply chain to deliver tangible results throughout AMP6


Plastic? It's much greener

A new study by the European plastic pipe industry body TEPPFA is conclusive in its findings that plastic is more sustainable than traditional materials in the production of pipes.

pe history

Innovation in the PE pipeline

A fascinating look into the history of British pipe manufacturing.

water PE pipeline

Plastic Pipes: Number One Choice for Water & Sewerage Applications

Since their introduction 50 years ago, plastics have become the pipeline materials of choice for today’s water industry, rapidly taking over the ductile iron and other traditional options. In this article, we look into the reasons of this success.

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